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The New Switcheroo is a 4-member indie folk rock band based in Chicago.

We began as an 8-person project-oriented acoustic folk group comprised of multi-instrumentalists, singers, songwriters, and theatre artists with a deep love for the music we made and for each other, and with a sweet downhome sensibility.

Then we evolved, slimmed down, and plugged in. We still feature the sublime vocal harmonies layered over lush instrumental arrangements that create the rich sound you've come to know and love, guaranteed to warm your insides, tickle your fancy, and rock you right out of your boots!

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Kathryn Diana - Violin, Mandolin, Vocals
Claire Feeney - Piano, Harmonica, Vocals
Tim Hill - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Joanna P. Lind - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Extended Family

Austin D. Oie - Photography, Banjo
Ian Knox - Accordion
Kevin Carney - Sound
Marc Chevalier - Narration, Mandolin
Steve Clark - Guitar
Greg Davies - Bass