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Heartless Sky (EP)

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Music and Lyrics by Austin D. Oie

Kathryn Diana – vocals, violins
Claire Feeney – vocals, piano
Tim Hill – acoustic guitars
Joanna P. Lind – vocals, percussion, drums


(Verse 1)
Clifford was a young boy,
Who’s Daddy was a trumpeter,
He played his notes so high he was in the clouds

Clifford grew himself up,
While Daddy played the Copa,
And Mommy grew more resentful with each passing day.

And Clifford cried, “Oh oh” (x3)
Ohhhh oh...

(Verse 2)
The money stopped coming long ago,
The years weren’t kind to Daddy so,
He’d play anywhere they’d welcome an old sweet song.

The notes he played were worshipped then,
But tonight he sits at home again,
Waiting for the call to turn back time.

And Clifford cried, “Oh oh” (x3)
Ohhhh oh...

Daddy broke his family,
Never even had the eyes to see,
And Clifford can’t hold the pressure, anymore.

(Verse 3)
Clifford let his family go,
Mom still let the liquor flow,
And Dad never left the solace of the stage.

Clifford is a man now,
And Mom and Dad don’t remember how,
Their son’s life slipped away from their hands.

And Clifford cried, “Oh oh” (x3)
Ohhhh oh...

(Verse 4)
Clifford washed his hands of grief
And felt that sense of sweet relief
The fate that beholds that man is not his own

Clifford looked deep into his eyes
The words fell out as he realized
I'm not my father but I am my father's son.

And Clifford cried, “No More” (x3)
No More...              x2

And the band played on...
And the band played on...       x4