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Heartless Sky (EP)

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Music and Lyrics by Joanna P. Lind

Kathryn Diana – vocals, violin
Claire Feeney – vocals, piano
Tim Hill – acoustic guitar
Joanna P. Lind – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion


(Verse 1)
The darkness rolled in as thunderclouds
    and a 54 second phone call.
Dark in daytime is different than the pitch of night
     or the vacuum of a cavern.

You asked to be my light – and you are
    a bright beacon drawing out my pain.

Thing is, light in an afternoon storm
    is mild, gives harmless comfort.
The light of night helps you see
    but keeps you awake too long.
& In the blackest complete oblivion
    the slightest of glows is blinding.
As my darkness ebbs and flows, swells and engulfs,
    your light grows blinding – blinds me.

(Verse 2)
I am blindsided by the aching
    bleeding from both ends, cold, dank;
Longing for the days of blue hair,
    black lips, enigma, simplicity of truth.

Your light is an obsession, unfulfilled,
    as I yearn to escape the darkness.


My eyes are closed
    and behind the lids I see lightning.

(Chorus – Round with Counterpoint)