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Heartless Sky (EP)

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Music and Lyrics by Tim Hill

Kathryn Diana – vocals, violin
Claire Feeney – lead vocals
Tim Hill – vocals, acoustic guitars, bass
Joanna P. Lind – vocals, drums, percussion


(Verse 1)
If you're a traveler, would you comb the shining seas?
If you're a monster, would you drag me down and leave me in a heap?
If you're so modern, why do you keep bringing up the past?
If we are timeless, why won't you let the moment last?
(But hold me down.)

Every time I sit around and just wonder why
Staring at clouds moving across heartless sky
You can leave, but don't leave me
I sit in the chair alone
Cold and naked by the phone
Waiting for you to come home

(Verse 2)
If I'm forgiven, why do you remind me of all of my mistakes?
If it's forgotten, why do you keep throwing it in my face?
If we are equals, why do you walk four feet in front of me?
If we are lovers, why do you hate my company?
(But keep it raw.)